All started with the three of us discovering, just before Christmas, that each of us wished to venture into the world. Let’s motorcycle to Mongolia! One said. The next morning we woke up, spoke, and discovered this could be something serious. Curiosity and merriness surround the idea. Just a few weeks later, we went out to tell our bosses.

The only thing we had to do was to decide what to do, out there, venturing the world.

The plan skidded from selling icecream from a three wheeler, to sailing to Surinam, to driving a tractor around the world. Or to simply use the money we have to build or renovate a place in say, Ecuador.

We discovered that our venturing in the world brainstorms were in essence about people. We wanted to meet as many people as possible, and make them as happy as possible. The ice cream vehicle and a combo of three ‘bakbrommers’ (it seems this is actually typically a dutch vehicle?) that could shape a stage when put together, where the ideas that lasted longest. But, distances would be huge.

We wrote all of our international friends down, and placed them on a globe. A route popped up, that includes so many of our international loved ones. A door to the world!

The route will take us from Amsterdam to Singapore – hopefully.

To drive all the way there, we’d need something faster. A motorcycle it was.

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