Leg I: from Amsterdam to Izmir

… to follow. Very free route as it requires no visa at all.
Feel free to write us or leave a comment if you want to meet up!

Optional: Middle East circle

We have friends in Tripoli, Jerusalem and Amman, and the nature around this region is both stunning and diverse.

The route would take us by Beirut, Jerusalem, the Yellow flowered hills of the West Bank, the dead sea, Petra, Wadi Rum and Amman.

There seems to be a boat from Turkey to Tripoli, however internet reports it goes once at week, if at all. We’ll have to see and call some people once we’re there. For the way back, we’d have to search a boat from Tel Aviv to Cyprus.

Leg II: from Izmir to Kathmandu

Turkey – Iran – Pakistan (?) – India – Nepal
With possible detour around the UAE and Oman.

Turkey: 3 routes, depending on if we’d want to detour through the Middle East and what we get tipped to at the time.

The border crossing from Turkey to Iran is fine. A friend traveled with a full rally through Kurdistan last summer, and reported no-one felt unsafe. To be smart they travelled by day in the far East of Turkey.

Iran: one of the most hospital countries in the world. Beautiful architecture, poetry, philosophy and craftmansip.

There, we’ll verify if it is safe to navigate through Pakistan. Travel reports speak a different language than the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. I’ll add some reports here later.

From southern Iran (Bandar Abbas) presumably there are boats to Dubai, where we could reunite with friends, journey through the desert and sky scrapers, to the sand castles and valleys in Oman.

From Muscat or Dubai we could fly to India. Ferry boats are non-existent (only cruise ships) and freight boats are not allowed to take you – and indeed do not do so.

Pakistan is renowned for its hospitality. India for – well, you know. There is one open border crossing that is reported safe and actually quite the show.

Sri Lanka is also very lively and beautiful, although internet reports there are no boats going there from India. It however seems you can almost drive when the tide is low.

Distances in India are huge. If we go all the way south we’ll have to decide at the time.

Leg III: Kathmandu – Singapore

To follow.

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