Not everything in our heads is here yet. Quite not at all. To follow.


It all started with a list.

We discovered the decision is not just about the best bike, but about the kind of journey we want to make.
A small cross bike can take us into foresty mountains roads, tiny Iranian back allies, desert tracks and funky crossings in Thailand.
A heavier reliable model would provide comfort on (semi) roads.

Marte ended up with a Honda Transalp. It can go a little off road, is comfy at 110km/h and is known to last for ever.

Ruben already owns a Yamaha XT750 Tenere. There’s a tear in his back tire rim, his suspension is quite -well- suspended, and he has some oil leakage. He’s doubting to repair it or switch to a Transalp too.

Mike is still taking driving lessons, and will buy a bike once his exam works out succesfully. If it doesn’t work out succesfully, he’ll travel partly on the back seat of us, and partly backpacking.

We all know some about repair: marte worked in a motorcycle garage for half a year, Ruben owned a 2CV Acadiana for years and Mike is quite an electronical wizzkidd. We probably won’t need these skills, as we are driving mostly through densily populated areas.

Final decision proces:

Ruben on the XT350

Marte and her new Transalp. Under the black wrapping, reds and blues occur!

Marte & XT750 Tenere


We’ll be camping out often :). There is no delight so sweet as driving through the golden hour sunset and early sky blues, taking a side road to a lake, and pitching your tent to wake up the following morning to beaultiful surroundings.

We decided to sleep together in one tent for the warmth.

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